Everyone continues to hyperventilate over social media, its potential and the instant information age we are living in. We agree that it’s all very exciting, but once one gets past the WOW! of the real-time flow of data, analytics and the ability to reach millions instantly, the fundamental challenges remain.

Who are we trying to reach?

How do we differentiate a product or cause for success?
Who are we selling it to, and how do we sort the glut of data and translate it into messaging that motivates consumers to action?
Who cares if you can reach a million people in an instant if they’re not your audience.  And once data is narrowed down to your primary target, what’s the big idea that’s going to motivate consumers to action?

At Puckett, we respect and take full advantage of all that this new social age has to offer, but we remain focused on the fundamentals, because as far as we’re concerned, all the Likes in the world are, like, useless if they aren’t generating revenue.

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