Web Design & Strategy

Anyone in the marketing business for more than 15 minutes knows that a company’s website is essential for creating a positive impression through its experience related to your brand. The promotion and success of any product or cause today relies heavily on the strategic socialization of your brand online. The website is no longer an online reference brochure. It’s the heart and soul of your business. That’s why at Puckett Marketing we strategically create sites that serve as a hub for all your marketing efforts. Whether your strategy includes running TV spots, placing print, posting videos, pinning inspirations, e-blasts or just presenting your calling card, your website is where your brand’s credibility is confirmed; your target is persuaded, and deals are closed. And let’s not forget that the analytics, as well as recovery of leads and contacts, must be at the core of your overall strategy. Today’s almost psychological profiling of your target audience is of little use if your site and your online strategy do not present your proposition in a way that engages, informs and recovers vital leads.